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GIL's administrative office is located at Indore, while the manufacturing plant is situated ideally at Mandsaur. Madhya Pradesh that is the largest garlic, onion and various rare herbs producing centers of India. All these raw materials are readily available throughout the year.

The dry climatic condition required for the dehydration industry is most suitable here and Mandsaur district is famous for the availability of finest quality of garlic in India. Easy availability of manpower, abounded water, continuous power supply through own D.G set ensures the timely delivery of Dehydrated Vegetables and other products to our customers.


Our manufacturing facility is most hygienic and equipped with all the most modern equipment like SS Slicer, Flakers, Continuous hot air Drier, Kibbling Machine, Multi Stage metal detectors, SS Grinders, Vacuum packing machine etc. The entire process is hot water based for eliminating bacterial contamination. We are also having an in-built duly sterilized and airtight packing and storage facility.

Our machinery resembles one of the newest technologies in the processing of dehydrated vegetables by hot air method that preserves the natural integrity of product without any loss of flavour and aroma. It allows us to achieve high quality through continuous process control. This guarantees that our Dehydrated Vegetable Products match favorably to generally accepted customer specifications bacteriologically and organoleptically.

Quality Control Measures

Right from the arrival of raw material in the factory to the final delivery of Dehydrated Vegetable Products is minutely inspected and monitored by our production manager. Moreover GIL has established the plant at a non-polluted zone. Both re-processing facilities and the R&D laboratory have been specifically designed to meet customer's requirements through the assurance of high quality.

Electronic Metal-Detector and Magnets, automatic colour sorter (to avoid manual sorting), Sifting,  Granulation, Milling and Blending are the core elements of product processing, that strictly adheres to the International Standards prescribed by the Government or other institutions. GIL have been technologically empowered to cater to different customer's specification. To ensure sufficient availability throughout the year, sufficient stocks are held on crop-to-crop basis. Its highly advanced technology ensures the finished products as well as raw-material of international quality. With all above, we are equipped to give extra low microbial products viz. TPC level <100000.

Research & Development

At GIL the scope for improvement in Research & Development is always open. The laboratory is provided with requisites and functions as a integrated unit, under the guardianship of agricultural scientists and other domain specialists in order to supply the premium grade of
Dehydrated Vegetables and other produce.        


Soups, Sauces, Masalas, Noodle paste taste makers, medicines, ready to make/eat vegetables, seasonings, canned/dry/frozen foods, salad dressings, cheeses, snacks, and other food products when onion & garlic flavour is required.